MOBIS in India

General Information

HYUNDAI MOBIS is a globally known for its productions system, R&D, and after-sales automotive parts distribution in worldwide. We do believe that India is such an attractive and imporatant market in the world automotive industry. While MTCI is the heart of our business in India, and MOBIS runs a production plant, part serivce, and quality checking offices in the Great local regions all over in India. Our core mission is providing our products without any quality issues, so customers can enjoy the best driving experience.

More About

MIN(MOBIS INDIA LIMITED) is located in Chennai, Tamilnadu, built in 2006 to produce HYUNDAI MOBIS’ the famous 3 modules(Chassis, Cockpit, FEM). Our products are installed in HYUDNAI’s best-selling models, such as i10, i20, and many more. The JIS(Just-in-Sequence) system just works for accurate and quality-guaranteed modules. The Chennai based plant produces airbags and audio systems as well, and we make our best efforts to satisfy our customers’ safety and convenience.

Quality Control

We have recently renovated our INQC(India-Quality Center) at the Southeastern Capital city, in Deli. Our major interest is making sure our products that are installed for HYUNDAI’s vehicles run with no-quality issues in any circumstances. We monitor our line-ups; chassis, multimedia, sensor and many more, and run 5 regional areas in Deli, Chennai, Ahmadabad, Mumbai, and Bangalore. Our hard working field-monitoring crews cover all regions in India, and we will never stop our efforsts for customers satisfaction.

After-Sales Service

By 2016, the UIO(Unit in Operation)s in India will reach over 900 thousands as HYUNDAI’s market shares increases. MOBIS is running quick and accurate logistic systems in worldwide, and by 2016, we will be equipped with 4 major Part-Distribution Center(PDC) in Deli, Chennai, Mumbai, and Kolkata.