Event - Ethnic Wear Competition Jan. 13, 2016


Regular Team Events to energize and cheer employees are an MTCI feature and here we were back again with Ethnic Wear Competition in January, the festive month of Colours & Kites... Sankranthi. 
Ethnic wear Competition... This year we conducted this differently...
As you know, India is a grand mixture of diverse Cultures and Traditions.


The criteria to win this competition - which was conducted on January 13th, 2016 -  is the MOST gorgeous and perfect representation with suitable accessories of the Traditional head-to-toe Wear, and also the BEST explanation of cultural concept of any of the Traditional Ethnic Wears across India, that is being represented by the employee!


The parameters for the six Judges to evaluate upon were:

  1. Traditional Formality
  2. Colour Coordination
  3. Concept Presentation
  4. Suitable Accessories
  5. Body Language

10 Prizes (5 for Men & 5 for Women) were announced and won! 


Ethnic - 1.jpg

Ethnic - 2.jpg

Ethnic - 3.jpg

Ethnic - 4.jpg

Ethnic - 5.jpg