CAE engineers analyze to predict the performance of CFD, Crash, Safety, Durability, NVH & EMI-EMC using the numerical model of the structure. Our roles improve product quality, reduce physical test vehicle, and also reduces developing time.

Areas of Work
  • CFD – Thermal Analysis
  • Crash/Safety – Impact Analysis
  • Durability – Fatigue Analysis
  • EMI/EMC – SI & PI Analysis
  • NVH – Vibration Analysis
Expertise Areas
  • CFD: De-icing, Flow analysis of Cabin, Thermal analysis of Lamps, Electronics systems & Intelligent system parts, Eco-friendly parts, Multimedia Infotainment.
  • Durability: fatigue analysis of Chassis, Lamps and electronic systems, HEV Motor Strength, Creep analysis, Optimization.
  • EMI/EMC: 2D simulations[Signal & Power integrity analysis], 3D simulation[Radiated Emission Analysis, Cable analysis and shield Effect Analysis for all Electronic Control Unit.
  • NVH:Brake Squeal prediction, Sensitivity Analysis, FRF Test, Brake Torque Analysis, Column Frequency Tuning, Brake Strength Analysis.
  • Crash : Head-impact, Low Speed Bumper Impact, Airbag Deployment, Drop test, Sled Inertia Analysis.