Mobis Electronic Brake(MEB) is a is a device for vehicle deceleration, stopping and parking. This device exhibits features like Antilock braking, Traction Control System, Vehicle Dynamics Control, Electronic Stability Control, Brake by Wire, Emergency Braking, and Regenerative braking. 

MTCI is involved in design and validation of MOBIS Electronic Brake on different hardware platforms. MOBIS Electronic Brake ECUs are in production and are being used in different Hyundai cars.

Motor Driven Power Steering System(MDPS) is a device which assists driver of vehicle. The sensors mounted on column of steering detects the movement of steering and drives the motor to generate additional torque in the intended direction.

MTCI is involved in design, development and validation of MDPS on different hardware platform. MDPS ECUs are in production and are being used in different variant of Hyundai cars.

Expertise Areas
  • Model Based Design: MTCI is involved in the model based design and implementation of safety critical application software which needs to be run in braking and steering ECUs.
  • Model Verification and Validation: Model designed shall be verified across the requirements using back to back testing. First at model level using Model in the loop testing, secondly at software level using software in the loop testing and finally on the target using processor in the loop testing. MTCI also involved in Vehicle testing where the ECU requirements shall be tested with ECU installed in vehicle.
  • ISO Certification: MTCI is responsible for documentation which needs to be done for braking and steering projects according to the functional safety standard ISO26262. Adherence to safety standards ensures the safety performance of ECUs in failure conditions.
  • Autosar Compliance Model Design: Autosar is an open and standardized automotive software architecture followed across automotive industry. MTCI team is involved in design of application models in compliance with Autosar standards. MTCI also involved in development of Autosar compliant platform software for different steering ECUs.