Mechatronics Testing

Software V&V Team at MTCI is responsible for Software Quality Assurance (SQA) of various products being developed. The team is responsible for the verification of work products and validation of software by performing testing like Unit Testing, Integration testing, Functional testing and System testing activities for various domains(Chassis, Vision, Safety and Body Control) of the Mechatronics system. MTCI also perform MIL, SIL and PIL testing for the model based development projects in Mechatronics systems(ADAS and Vision). The team also perform functional testing by creating virtual road test environment in the HIL setup for the Mechatronics systems (Air suspension & Brake System).

Expertise Areas
  • Verification of work products against ISO26262, ASPICE, AUTOSAR standards
  • Unit Testing (Coverage Testing)
  • Integration testing for Target Hardware using Compiler, Debuggers and Test setup
  • Functional Testing using Target Hardware, Compiler and Test setup
  • Functional testing (EIL, HIL) for Brake and Air Suspension
  • Model based testing(MIL,SIL, PIL & system level testing using virtual simulators)
  • Provide failed test cases analysis reports with justifications & solutions
  • Maintaining test work products in repositories. (DOORs, Synergy, Integrity, SVN)