Software Tool

Software V&V Team at MTCI is also responsible and focus in development of automation tools, which reduce the testing effort and increases the test efficiency. Tools Team support in developing computer based ECU Data analysis tools, Diagnostic tools, Simulation tools. Tools support analysis of various systems such as Vehicle to Vehicle Communication Systems, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems which includes Brake, Steering, Camera/Radar based Driver Assistance, Airbag Control, Body Control.

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  • Software tool 이미지
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Expertise Areas
  • Development of Software Applications using technologies such as C, Microsoft technologies(VC++, C#, WPF, WinForms), Java and Databases (MS Access, MySQL)
  • Development of Test Automation Tools
  • Development of system and parameter Simulation Tools
  • Development of CAN, USB, RS232 ports based Test Tools
  • Development of Diagnostic Tools
  • Development of Configuration Tools